Kevyn Aucoin: Ecommerce for an Iconic Beauty Brand


Bringing iconic cosmetics brand Kevyn Aucoin into the ecommerce era with a new website and marketing promotions.



Our first task was creating the visual design for the new ecommerce-based Kevyn Aucoin website.

placeit (55).jpg


Email campaigns for their marketing promotions dovetailed with the new design.

placeit (56).jpg


Continuing site improvements gave them greater functionality and new promotional landing pages.

AHAVA: Ongoing Design for a Skincare Brand

The Challenge

Working daily with the team at AHAVA, as we have for the last 5+ years, we create digital marketing initiatives, including website redesigns and updates, landing pages, email blasts and advertising.




Landing pages for new product launches.

AHAVA has a dedicated lab to experimenting with innovative natural ingredients and skin care formulations. It's no surprise that they're constantly launching new products. We create landing pages introducing the new product and showing  the clinical results.



We help to evolve the website UX and visual design.

Both the fun and the problem with the web is that it's constantly evolving. Whether it's brainstorming with wireframes or creating a more cohesive user experience — there's always something to be updated. We work with the team at AHAVA to continually improve their site.



Email Blasts

AHAVA is great at communicating with their customers via email marketing. We help them design lush visuals that compliment their weekly promotional or editorial messages.



Banner Ads and Collateral

Additionally, we design materials such as banner ads, marketing collateral, printed promotional materials and anything else  to support the efforts of the digital marketing department.

AHAVA is a great example of what we can do with retainer clients who we work with on a monthly, weekly or daily basis. It's a wonderful way to build a deeper understanding for the brand and that familiarity means we can jump in quickly with solutions. If you'd be interesting in learning more about working together on a retainer basis, contact us, we're happy to discuss with you.


From the client

“Larissa helped take our abstract concepts and make concrete, creative designs from them. One thing I liked was her ability to take feedback and collaborate with our team. She integrated our brand guidelines along with fresh ideas seamlessly when working on all sorts of new initiatives we worked on: mailers, email templates, a website redesign, and more. I highly recommend her to other marketers!”

— Grace Ortelere,
AHAVA Manager, Global eCommerce and Digital Marketing

EOS: Packaging and Digital for a Skincare Brand


Extending EOS's colorful and playful brand to through packaging and digital design.


Packaging for special promotions.

Promotional Giveaway

Microsite and landing pages for a promotional giveaway.

Email Blasts

Branded email campaigns and promotions.

Costco Landing Pages

Improved landing pages for 3rd party retailer

Squarespace for Service Businesses

Squarespace for Service Businesses


Creating simple, beautiful websites for small businesses that want a web presence without the hassle.

Squarespace isn't right for every project, but when it's a good fit it can be sublime.

If you want an easy-to-use, no-fuss web presence, Squarespace can be a great solution. It has has a quick learning curve, an intuitive interface and friendly customer support that will help with most standard questions. But, besides the beautiful websites that we can build for you, my favorite part is that you don't have to worry about monthly maintenance, security against hackers or having to keep up with plug-in updates.

Trophy Skin: Website Evolution and Optimization

The Challenge

We worked with the Trophy Skin team to improve their brand and digital presence with a redesigned website and updated marketing materials. Rather than do a complete one-time overhaul, we strategically planned the website redesign to gradually evolve their site over six months while simultaneously focusing on improving their conversion rate.

Before: Old Website

It looked dated and was creating a high bounce rate. They wanted to level up their brand but found their old website and branding was holding them back.


We worked together to research and conceptualize how their new website would position them as an authority in the skincare device market.

Visual Design

We worked together to research and conceptualize how their new website would position them as an authority in the skincare device market.


We evolved their site with an emphasis on social proof, beautiful design and positioning the brand as a player in the prestige beauty market. During this time the website was further optimized with CRO testing.

Continuous Improvements

We continue to build additional functionality to the site as seen here with the skincare recommendation guide and comparison chart.


We have also helped them improve the design on additional brand touchpoints such as the websites for Neiman-Marcus, Nordstroms and Amazon.

Calvin Klein: Design Packaging Concept

The Challenge

Create label and package design for new launches as well as legacy fragrances. 

Eternity Summer boxes

CK One Sleeves

Eternity Moment sleeve, gift card and counter layout


Obsession Night holiday carton


Prototypes for seasonal holiday boxes


Just a small sampling of the moodboards, ads, and various collateral projects.

Customize Product Landing Pages for Retailer Websites


Creating customized product pages on 3rd party retailer sites like Amazon and Costco to extend your brand's message and engage customers.

While branded websites are important destinations for many beauty shoppers, a significant percentage of sales take place in marketplaces or websites of third party retailers. According to a new report by 1010data, Amazon Marketplace accounts for 21.1% of online beauty sales in 2016, the largest of any other online retailer.

Online Beauty Sales in 2016

Just looking at these numbers shows you shouldn't neglect your presence on 3rd party retailer sites. While these sites can feel very templated and uninspiring, many of them allow for customization which will  allow your brand to stand out. When your brand is in a sea of competitors, even small customizations can make a difference.

For instance, EOS had listings on Costco and had filled in detailed information about their products. However, due to lack design, it didn't feel visually connected to their brand. We worked with them to create product landing pages that would work on the Costco website but also look like a cohesive part of their brand.

EOS on Costco

We redesigned EOS's Costco product pages to reflect their colorful and fun branding and stand-out from other listings on the site.

Similarly, Amazon allows for customization too. “With a personalized Amazon Page, you extend your reach to Amazon.com customers and encourage immediate sales through a familiar and trusted purchasing environment. Link to content on Amazon.com, feature products, and lifestyle imagery about your brand,” the company explains.

Trophy Skin on Amazon

We redesigned Trophy Skin's Amazon product pages to educate customers about their product and results which helps distinguish them and build brand awareness.

While the possibilities on 3rd party retailer websites might seem limited compared to your own branded website, these examples show the value of  exploring their customization options.

Bon Appétit: From Print Magazine to Ebooks

Bon Appétit: From Print Magazine to Ebooks


Repurposing previously used magazine content to create new and unique ebook products.

I’m not much of a cook but I make up for it by my love of gorgeous food photography — so when Bon Appétit (the beautiful food magazine from Condé Nast). approached me about creating a series of ebooks, I was thrilled. I started off my career working on beautiful cookbooks so it felt like going back home — this time with a digital twist.

GoSmile: Elevating a Brand through Web Design

GoSmile: Elevating a Brand through Web Design


GoSmile needed a new website that would help differentiate their growing line of products, reflect the beautiful design of their products and improve user experience.

GoSmile is the premier, luxury tooth whitening brand. From their beautiful packaging and the elegant product designs, it’s immediately clear that they’re a step above the average teeth whitening you encounter in supermarket. However their website had lagged behind on proprietary software that restricted the functionality of the website and made updates extremely challenging. I love their products and was delighted when they approached me about their website. They wanted to move to Magento, get a responsive design, and, in the process, re-conceptualize their website.

AquaReveal: Design for a Skincare Start-Up

AquaReveal: Design for a Skincare Start-Up


AquaReveal needed an online presence that could introduce them as a serious beauty player to buyers and customers, on a start-up budget.

The beauty start-up AquaReveal was founded on the idea that gentle, effective exfoliation is an essential part of skincare. Inspired by Korean beauty techniques, it presents an alternative to harsh acids or scrubs. I have been enthusiastically following Korean beauty trends and have always had trouble with traditional exfoliators, so I was doubly delighted to design the beauty start-up’s website.