What We Do at Float Design



Digital Design on an Ongoing Basis

Between maintaining your website, social media, banner ads, opt-ins, promotions and email blasts, there's a lot for brands keep up with. We love teaming together to keep you up-to-date and on-brand across your various digital touchpoints. This is the perfect solution for brands who have ongoing digital marketing needs but not the budget for a full-time, in-house design team to take care of them. We learn your brand and work with you on a daily or weekly basis to fulfill your creative needs.

Starts at $1000 per month
Clients have included: Kevyn Aucoin, Laura Geller, Ouidad, Estee Lauder, Cuvee Beauty, AquaReveal

Customer Retention STrategies

Building Customer Loyalty

Starts at $1000 per month
Clients have included: Kevyn Aucoin, Laura Geller, Ouidad, Estee Lauder, Cuvee Beauty, AquaReveal

Logo / Branding Design

Your brand is the core of your business. We love partnering to build a strong visual brand that increases customer preference, loyalty, and ultimately profit.

Logo and brand guidelines

Web / Ecommerce Design

One-size fits all, generic websites aren't our thing. We learn out about your business, then plan a website that fits your goals and can grow as you grow.

Brochure and ecommerce websites

Packaging Design

There's something uniquely satisfying about creating beautiful, functional packaging for physical products.

Labels, cartons, inserts, hang tags, POP displays, etc


Monthly Design Subscriptions

Email Blasts 

Whether you need help with a backlog of transactional emails you haven't had time to work on, or eye-catching promotional emails, we can help.

Website Updates

Ecommerce websites need a constant stream of graphics and images to look maintained.


We can create eye-catching, click-worthy banner ads for your brand — both animated or static.


Logo / Branding Design

Brand Discovery

It's critical to build your brand on a strong foundation. We start with a deep dive looking at your competitors and your own unique brand DNA.


We begin conceptualizing to capture the look and feel of your brand before diving into the specifics such as logo and brand mission, and guidelines.

Bring Your Brand to Life

Good branding means maintaining a consistent customer experience across all touch-points — both written and visual design.


Website / Ecommerce Design

Building for Growth

Whether it's your first website or you want to redesign your ecommerce store, we can help you create a website you're proud of and won't outgrow next year.


Adding functionality or apps like store finders, product recommendation quizzes, microsites, or promotional giveaways can keep your customers returning.

Keeping Up-to-Date 

Websites need to be kept fresh and best-practices are constantly changing — we spend our weekends reading 700 page CRO reports so you don't have to. (We secretly love it.)

Packaging Design

Packaging Matters

Despite all the advances in technology, there's no experience that quite compares to unboxing a new purchase.


After we understand your vision for your product, we get to work creating packaging to educate and wow your customers.


We work together with you and your printer to create branded labels, cartons or displays for your products.

How We Can Work Together

Specific Project

We can work with you to design a specific project such as a website, packaging or brand design. This works well for well-defined projects that have specific goals and timelines.

Your Creative Team

Have continual design needs but no in-house creative team? Or are they perpetually swamped? We can help marketing teams with their creative requests on an ongoing basis.

Partnerships/White Label

We work in partnership with select like-minded agencies. If you are an agency or consultant who would like to add creative to your offerings, we’d love to talk with you!


Whether you're starting a new brand, refining an existing website, or need on-going graphic design support, we can help!


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only work for beauty and lifestyle clients?

Short answer: No.

We know a lot about beauty and lifestyle but also enjoy the opportunity to stretch and learn about new verticals. For example, we love food, arts and publishing and have worked with wineries, galleries and publishers. On the other end of the spectrum, we have experience with designing for investment firms, governmental accounting software, and human resource apps. We also enjoy helping other service-based businesses. 

If you like our work and feel like we'd be a good fit, let's chat.


What’s the process of working together look like?

Typically our clients fall into one of these three categories:

1. You have a specific project you need creative or marketing help with. This is generally for one-time, large and intensive projects like branding, packaging or web redesign. We talk to you, agree on the goals and scope of the project, and get to work.

2. You need an on-going partner for your creative needs. You might have an in-house team that's swamped or maybe you just need periodic creative help. We learn about your brand, collect fonts, brand guidelines, logos, etc and then work with you as the need arises. 

3. You know you need help but aren't sure where to start. This actually is actually more common than you might suspect. In that case, we first like to hear a bit about your business, where you are now, what your frustrations are, and what your goals are. From there we'll work with you on roadmapping your goals, prioritizing what you need to do in a way that fits within your resources, both time and budget-wise. 


Where are you based?

In keeping with our mission to seek better work-life balance, we’re a distributed team with members in New York, Richmond, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Austin. While we’re not in an office, we are always in contact with each other, whether it’s work planning in our project management software, chatting on Slack or during our regularly scheduled phone calls.


What’s the pricing? How much will XYZ cost?

Design should be an investment, not an expense. We like to go into all our projects confident that our services are going to offer an ROI. Over the years, we've found a combination of fixed pricing and flexible pricing seems to work best. If you have a limited budget (who doesn't?), let us know and we can suggest ways to break your project into smaller milestones — keeping your brand moving forward and you on-budget.

Fixed pricing works best if you come to us with a specific project, say a website redesign, packaging, or branding project, which we review together, carefully agree on the scope of work and set a specific price to be paid by to milestones during the project. 

Hourly pricing works best for smaller, on-going design needs, say five email blasts, an event invitation, and 20 banner ads. Since this work is ephemeral and no one wants to go through an entire proposal process each time they need banner ads, we either offer a retainer for a set amount of work each month (perfect if you have a marketing schedule and want to keep expenses fixed) or offer you hourly on-going work (perfect if your needs and budgets vary).


What types of creative services do you NOT do?

We offer a lot of creative services but definitely not everything. Here are a few things we get asked about: we currently do not offer any industrial design. For example, if you want the actual physical bottle designed we'd refer you to our partners at Whipsmart who specialize in that. We can also refer you to photographers and videographers but we don't provide those services at this time. 


This all sounds super-amazing! I can’t wait to work with you — how do we get started?

Love the enthusiasm and thanks for asking — since we're not a one-size fits all shop, the best place to start is with a quick chat so we can get to know each other and make sure it's a good fit for both sides. If you fill out our contact form, we'll schedule a call in a jiffy.

Look forward to meeting you!