Squarespace for Service Businesses


Creating simple, beautiful websites for small businesses that want a web presence without the hassle.

Squarespace isn't right for every project, but when it's a good fit it can be sublime.

If you want an easy-to-use, no-fuss web presence, Squarespace can be a great solution. It has a quick learning curve, an intuitive interface and friendly customer support that will help with most standard questions.

But, besides the beautiful websites that we can build for you, the best part is that you don't have to worry about monthly maintenance, security against hackers or having to keep up with plug-in updates. 

When determining whether Squarespace would be a good fit, we run through a series of questions to scope out the goals of the project, the client's comfort level with different technologies, as well as previous experience. Here are some of the criteria we look for:



If you want a website that...

  • serves as an online business card, services brochure, menu or portfolio

  • has a quick and easy learning curve

  • is simple to make changes to

  • requires no maintenance

  • includes customer support

  • has built-in search engine optimization

  • does the basics (and some complicated stuff) seamlessly



If you...

  • prefer working with code over WYSIWYG

  • have experience and feel very comfortable on the Wordpress platform

  • require member logins

  • primarily want an ecommerce store (Squarespace has limited ecommerce capacity, but is not as ecommerce-centric as platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce.)

  • need PayPal integration

  • need functionality not handled by Squarespace (Wordpress has plug-ins that do almost everything imaginable.)

I approached Float Design because their sophisticated style reflects the customer I would like to attract. They helped me by distilling and presenting the assets my company possesses in a streamlined modern way. The result was increased activity and new clients signed!

— ARLEEN MITCHELL, Mitchell Consulting

“They helped me by taking all of my ideas and creating a functional website. Made everything flow smoothly and stayed true to what I wanted represented on my website — my personality and the essence of the office.

Before meeting with Float, I found the experience of trying to build a website to be very stressful and off-putting. Larissa made the experience more pleasant and less worrisome. She had great input, she tied all of my ideas together and delivered in a way that would function the best. She made recommendations so that new and existing patients would find the website easy to use, clear and concise.

I would recommend to people who need help either building a brand new website or revamping their existing one. They are very easy to work with and explain the process in a non-threatening manner for people who don't have much tech experience. I thoroughly enjoyed working with them and love the outcome of the website!”

LA Holistic Dentistry