Customize Product Landing Pages for Retailer Websites


Creating customized product pages on 3rd party retailer sites like Amazon and Costco to extend your brand's message and engage customers.

While branded websites are important destinations for many beauty shoppers, a significant percentage of sales take place in marketplaces or websites of third party retailers. According to a new report by 1010data, Amazon Marketplace accounts for 21.1% of online beauty sales in 2016, the largest of any other online retailer.

Online Beauty Sales in 2016

Just looking at these numbers shows you shouldn't neglect your presence on 3rd party retailer sites. While these sites can feel very templated and uninspiring, many of them allow for customization which will  allow your brand to stand out. When your brand is in a sea of competitors, even small customizations can make a difference.

For instance, EOS had listings on Costco and had filled in detailed information about their products. However, due to lack design, it didn't feel visually connected to their brand. We worked with them to create product landing pages that would work on the Costco website but also look like a cohesive part of their brand.

EOS on Costco

We redesigned EOS's Costco product pages to reflect their colorful and fun branding and stand-out from other listings on the site.

Similarly, Amazon allows for customization too. “With a personalized Amazon Page, you extend your reach to Amazon.com customers and encourage immediate sales through a familiar and trusted purchasing environment. Link to content on Amazon.com, feature products, and lifestyle imagery about your brand,” the company explains.

Trophy Skin on Amazon

We redesigned Trophy Skin's Amazon product pages to educate customers about their product and results which helps distinguish them and build brand awareness.

While the possibilities on 3rd party retailer websites might seem limited compared to your own branded website, these examples show the value of  exploring their customization options.