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Roadmapping Sessions

Before starting on any journey, it’s wise to plan ahead. We offer our Roadmapping service as a way to assess where you currently are, where you would like to go and then map the best way to get there based on your resources and time frame.

After our session, you’ll have a clear overview of the problems you currently face as well as a plan to solve them. From there you can work to implement the roadmap in-house or continue to work with us, the choice is yours.

Here’s what to expect in our Roadmapping session:


First off it's all about you. We’ll go into more detail about your brand, your customers, your business model and your goals. 

a. Your Brand

At the heart of each brand is a story and a vision. Even if you feel like you've strayed from this or it's in the process of changing, it's good to first get that core-level understanding of what drives the brand and work our way out from there.

b. Your Customers

What type of people will be interacting with this project? We’ll learn about your ideal customers and users, and attempt to gain a better understanding of who this product is intended for. If you have personas or information on your demographics, this will come in handy.

c. Your Business Model

It's useful to know how your business functions — are you driving tons of traffic from social media? Do you have a popular affiliate program? Do you sell courses on a sister site? Do you have a family of brands that integrate together? These all fuel decisions we make later and it's good to have a sense of how your business works.

d. Your Goals

What are your goals for your business? If it was in its ideal state, what would it look like? They don't have to be grandiose, larger than life goals (though they can be) but often it's easier to reverse-engineer small steps from your larger vision than cobble together small steps not knowing where they lead.


Why this project, why now? From there we will discuss the specific project you want to work on together. Keeping in mind the larger business issues surrounding it, we might push you to consider other alternative solutions or reprioritize. We want to establish how this specific project will be beneficial to your business and make sure you're going to get an ROI. We'll also work on defining what success looks like so we can make sure to include those specifics in the plan.


Sure, pie-in-the-sky talk is nice but unfortunately in business there's always some restrictions — whether they're time, budget, and/or human resources — we should discuss what's realistic. Usually there's a solution, whether it's slowing the timeline to fit your budget or outsourcing more to get the project done quickly. It's important to create a roadmap that's achievable. 


It's easy to add on a lot of "nice-to haves" and the core of the project gets lost. We want to clearly agree on what the priorities for the project. Based on these, we can break the project into segments and create milestones for the project.


It's also important to assess potential stumbling blocks. This is a good time to bring forward anything that could keep the project from being successful — have you tried something similar before and run into issues? Is there a skills gap in your team? Is another part of the business potentially holding the project back?

Our goal here is to systematically identify anything that could cause the project to fail so we can address the issues early and mitigate them.


It's always good to circle back one more time and review the goals of the project. Have we come up with anything that holds us back from reaching these goals? Are there any closing thoughts or suggestions on how we can solve your problem faster or better?

After the session, we’ll write the documentation for the roadmap that includes a summary of the information covered in the call as well as suggested milestones and timelines with projected budgets. Depending on the specific project, there might be additional materials such as wireframes, information architecture suggestions etc.

Branding and Websites for Service-Based Businesses

Too busy wITH everyone else's business to work on your own?

Are you an agency or consultant who suffers from the “cobbler's children have no shoes” syndrome? You know creating your own brand and marketing your services is vitally important...but when you're putting out client fires all day, it's easy to put off working on your own business. 

We've been there, we totally get it, and we can help.

We love partnering with other high-quality service-providers to help you create a brand and digital presence that you're proud of. If you've been putting off your own brand or just feel stuck, we're always happy to connect to fellow agency owners.

Who do we work with?

We've worked with various consultants, firms and agencies including doctors, dentists, investors, interior designers, business managers, trainers, film producers, writers and marketing consultants. Amongst others.

It's less about the business description and more about the opportunity of working with people who are visionary, passionate and excel at what they do. During our initial talk, we learn about your business and goals to make sure that our work will ultimately make a difference to your business and bottom-line. 

Some clients include: LA Holistic Dentistry, Sullivision Films, Thomas Cooper Design, Beauty Barrage, Beauty Strategy Group, Thales Consulting and LYS Partners.


Our first step is to learn more about your business and its unique challenges. Generally our services fall in one of these categories:

1. Branding and Logo


Together we create the look and feel of your business. This includes getting a sense of your vision and goals for your business, looking at your competition, understanding your target market and coming up with a plan to differentiate your business. Deliverables can range from a logo and business stationery to a full exploration with brand guidelines for colors, mood boards, imagery selection criteria, fonts, and tone of voice.

Starting at $1400


2. Website


Every business needs a basic online presence but the wonderful thing about a website is it can grow along with your business. As your business scales, you can continue to invest in your website, making it more robust — saving you time and money by taking appointment bookings, accepting payments, allowing you to build a community, etc.

We'll help you figure out what makes sense at this stage in your business, with an eye to how to grow it in the future.

For a simple, easy to maintain website — we often recommend Squarespace and have a whole case study on Squarespace for service-businesses. We also have compiled a list of things you'll need when building your website.

Starting at $2200

3. Brochures, Ads and All That Collatoral


It seems like in every business, there's an unending need for designs. Whether it's brochures or t-shirts, signage or ads, we'll probably be able to help.

Based on project


Sound good?

If this sounds familiar and you need a brand overhaul or just some help with all those millions of design request, feel free to contact us. We love meeting new people!

Name *

Design Retainers

What is a Design Retainer?

Between digital, social media and new retail channels, the quantity of visual materials brands are expected to produce has soared. And customers more critical than ever, expecting a seamless omnichannel experience with their favorite brands. 

This is a challenge for brands who might not have the budget for a big agency, don't have the need for extra full-time in-house designers, but still need regular design help and don't want the headache of managing a patchwork freelance design team. 


We love partnering with brands on an on-going basis to see them grow and evolve. Ideally for a retainer, you have a constant stream of design needs. We've done on-going design work for brands such as Estee Lauder, Ouidad, Laura Geller, AHAVA and others.

The advantages to you include first priority for your projects so you get faster turnaround times, consistently high-quality design, and scalability. We find building a long-term relationship and deep brand knowledge has immeasurable advantages. 

Retainers also include calls on a weekly or as-needed basis as well as access to our project management system.


How Does a Retainer Work?

1. Discovery Conversation

Discussion about your goals of the project, what your brand's needs are and how we could best address them.

2. Sample Project

To see if it's a good fit, we like to first take on a small, sample project — for example and email blast, banner ads, or label resizing. This helps us learn each other's work styles and streamline our process. Since we see this as a partnership, this is fully-refundable if it does not meet your needs.

3. Planning and Projects

Once we have wrapped up the sample project, we can get started mapping out your needs or you'll start sending us projects that we've discussed. We can also arrange regular weekly, monthly or as needed calls to make sure we're always on the same page.


What type of work is a good fit:

Packaging Re-sizes
Graphic Design

Email Blasts
Banner Ads
Website Landing Pages
On-going Website Improvements

Basically all the recurring design projects that come up in the day-to-day running of your business.


What types won't work:

Large, complex projects. 

We would love to help you with branding, website redesigns, or packaging designs — BUT we’d recommend tackling them as individual projects rather than on-going retainers since then tend to be more involved but also shorter in duration. 


How do retainer fees work?

Retainers are based on a prepaid subscription model. If you have consistent needs (for example 4 email blasts every month) we can do a fixed price per month. If you have more variable needs, we can work on an hourly basis and notify you when we're getting close to your budget. Hours rollover

 Starting at $1,000 per month, depending on your needs and volume of work.

Interested? Contact us, we'd be happy to chat.


Digital Marketing Strategy

What is digital marketing strategy?

A digital marketing strategy helps to answer “where do we go from here?” It’s important to begin with an assessment of the market, its opportunities, your company and the competition. We will assess your online presence, including social media profiles, website, and content marketing efforts. A competitive analysis and market research for up to 3 competitors is included, with a strong emphasis on attracting new customers through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


Why is a digital marketing assessment important?

This assessment will ultimately become the digital marketing strategy that will help your team determine which channels, audiences, and messaging to focus on. It will also help determine the goals and metrics for measuring your efforts. It can be used on its own or as a stand-alone project to our other digital marketing services. 


What does a digital marketing strategy look like?

The deliverable is a multi-page strategy proposal PDF that answers these questions:

  • Where are you now?
  • Where do you want to be?
  • How do you get there?
  • How EXACTLY do you get there? What are the tactics needed?
  • Who does what and when?
  • How do you monitor performance?


Who is this best for?

Anyone who wants to take their marketing to the next level, can be used to inform a new digital marketing program or help improve a current one. 

Starting at:  $750

Organic SEO Package


Proper SEO requires an in depth audit of website code, architecture, outbound links, inbound links, broken links, semantic markup, structured data and more. Before you can optimize your site, we need to assess the status. Some tasks include:

  • Website crawl
  • Broken link assessment + correction
  • Inbound link assessment
  • Image tag assessment + correction
  • XML Sitemap creation + submission
  • Setup Robots.txt + optimization
  • URL restructuring



First, we’ll do a thorough analysis of the keywords related to your industry. We compile a list of “head” keywords, long tail keywords, top of the funnel keywords and purchase intent keyword, then use these keywords to find keyword variations that your potential customers use.

This analysis will then be used to evaluate the current state of your pages as well as a baseline for future content creation. The deliverable is a ready to use Excel file that can be used by your web development team, content creators, or us to build your editorial calendar or optimize your site.



After we have your keywords, we start optimizing your content around them. These optimizations ensure Google is finding your content for the right keywords.

Some optimizations include:

  • Title tags
  • Heading tags (<h1> - <h6>)
  • Image title
  • Image alt tags
  • Body content
  • Meta descriptions


Best for:

Anyone who isn’t sure if their site is optimized, or maybe who launched an optimized site but now isn’t sure how to optimize new content. Also, for new clients who want to launch an optimized site.

Starting at: $2,250

Social Media

We'll help develop a social strategy with you based on your goals. We're happy to work with you to build your social presence from scratch, maintain existing channels, or if you have in-house marketing teams who would like assistance.

Social Media Marketing

  • Social media marketing strategy: Do you have a social media or interactive marketing budget but aren’t sure where to start? We can assess your needs, outline opportunities, and prescribe specific actions for long-term social media success.

  • Social media audit: We analyze your brand's presence across the various social networks and offers a strategy for ways to improve it. Each brand is different so we make our suggestions with your niche in mind. 
  • Competitive analysis: What is your competition up to? Are they using successful strategies to engage their followers? We’ll identify their tactics and make a plan that picks their successful elements but also differentiates your brand.
  • Social profile creation: We will identify the social networks where you should be participating and where people are talking about you. We’ll also help you create and manage your own social media profiles to attract visitors and leverage the two-way conversation.
  • Engagement: Users want to engage with brands and we will help initiate conversations with key influencers and followers.

Voice, Tone and Style Guide

It’s important to see voice, tone and style as three separate elements, which work together in harmony:

  • Voice is a description of the unique, distinctive voice of your brand. This should cover: its personality, its rhythm and pace, and its vocabulary.
  • Tone is how to use your voice in different situations. Your brand voice is singular, but you can use it with many different tones. Separating voice and tone means you can be empathetic to your users. Empathy is what makes the difference between meeting users’ needs vs. engaging them.
  • Style is a house ‘style’ for what your writing looks like, for example where to use capitals, how to spell certain words, reminders on grammar, vocabulary.

The guide will be delivered in a PDF format and will include writing goals and principles, personas, voice, tone and style guidelines, and how and when to use the guide. Up to two hours is included for a discovery call in the beginning and a presentation upon delivery.


Best for:

Anyone who needs consistent messaging to clearly communicate their brand message. Ideal for those without a website and are just establishing their brand, to those companies in need of a refresh or clean-up.

Starting at: $1,200

Additional Marketing Services

When you have a specific need or just have a few missing pieces in your marketing strategy, our à la carte marketing services allow you to pick just the parts you need. Combine with our design services for a robust solution to your needs.


  • Website Audit to identify opportunities to improve the user experience (e.g. website load time, mobile friendliness, product pages). If you're not sure where to start, this can be a good place. (Starts at $750)
  • Quality Assurance:  Testing to find typos, bugs, and usability issues through the eyes of your customer pre-website launch (Custom Pricing)

Content Marketing

  • Editorial Calendars with Built-in Keyword Optimization (Starts at $500)
  • Link Building Services to get eyeballs on your great content! (Starts at $300/month)
  • Copywriting for social media, blog posts, whitepapers, brochures, and emails (Starts at $75)

Email Marketing

  • Email Marketing: calendar, writing, designing, building, testing, sending, reporting (Starts at $250)

Consulting and Reporting

  • One-time or Ongoing Consulting: Social Media, Content Marketing, Design, SEO (Custom Pricing)
  • Monthly Analytics and Reporting based on your marketing goals (Starts at $500/month)