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Voice, Tone and Style Guide

It’s important to see voice, tone and style as three separate elements, which work together in harmony:

  • Voice is a description of the unique, distinctive voice of your brand. This should cover: its personality, its rhythm and pace, and its vocabulary.
  • Tone is how to use your voice in different situations. Your brand voice is singular, but you can use it with many different tones. Separating voice and tone means you can be empathetic to your users. Empathy is what makes the difference between meeting users’ needs vs. engaging them.
  • Style is a house ‘style’ for what your writing looks like, for example where to use capitals, how to spell certain words, reminders on grammar, vocabulary.

The guide will be delivered in a PDF format and will include writing goals and principles, personas, voice, tone and style guidelines, and how and when to use the guide. Up to two hours is included for a discovery call in the beginning and a presentation upon delivery.


Best for:

Anyone who needs consistent messaging to clearly communicate their brand message. Ideal for those without a website and are just establishing their brand, to those companies in need of a refresh or clean-up.

Starting at: $1,200