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Organic SEO Package


Proper SEO requires an in depth audit of website code, architecture, outbound links, inbound links, broken links, semantic markup, structured data and more. Before you can optimize your site, we need to assess the status. Some tasks include:

  • Website crawl
  • Broken link assessment + correction
  • Inbound link assessment
  • Image tag assessment + correction
  • XML Sitemap creation + submission
  • Setup Robots.txt + optimization
  • URL restructuring



First, we’ll do a thorough analysis of the keywords related to your industry. We compile a list of “head” keywords, long tail keywords, top of the funnel keywords and purchase intent keyword, then use these keywords to find keyword variations that your potential customers use.

This analysis will then be used to evaluate the current state of your pages as well as a baseline for future content creation. The deliverable is a ready to use Excel file that can be used by your web development team, content creators, or us to build your editorial calendar or optimize your site.



After we have your keywords, we start optimizing your content around them. These optimizations ensure Google is finding your content for the right keywords.

Some optimizations include:

  • Title tags
  • Heading tags (<h1> - <h6>)
  • Image title
  • Image alt tags
  • Body content
  • Meta descriptions


Best for:

Anyone who isn’t sure if their site is optimized, or maybe who launched an optimized site but now isn’t sure how to optimize new content. Also, for new clients who want to launch an optimized site.

Starting at: $2,250