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Branding and Websites for Service-Based Businesses

Too busy wITH everyone else's business to work on your own?

Are you an agency or consultant who suffers from the “cobbler's children have no shoes” syndrome? You know creating your own brand and marketing your services is vitally important...but when you're putting out client fires all day, it's easy to put off working on your own business. 

We've been there, we totally get it, and we can help.

We love partnering with other high-quality service-providers to help you create a brand and digital presence that you're proud of. If you've been putting off your own brand or just feel stuck, we're always happy to connect to fellow agency owners.

Who do we work with?

We've worked with various consultants, firms and agencies including doctors, dentists, investors, interior designers, business managers, trainers, film producers, writers and marketing consultants. Amongst others.

It's less about the business description and more about the opportunity of working with people who are visionary, passionate and excel at what they do. During our initial talk, we learn about your business and goals to make sure that our work will ultimately make a difference to your business and bottom-line. 

Some clients include: LA Holistic Dentistry, Sullivision Films, Thomas Cooper Design, Beauty Barrage, Beauty Strategy Group, Thales Consulting and LYS Partners.


Our first step is to learn more about your business and its unique challenges. Generally our services fall in one of these categories:

1. Branding and Logo


Together we create the look and feel of your business. This includes getting a sense of your vision and goals for your business, looking at your competition, understanding your target market and coming up with a plan to differentiate your business. Deliverables can range from a logo and business stationery to a full exploration with brand guidelines for colors, mood boards, imagery selection criteria, fonts, and tone of voice.

Starting at $1400


2. Website


Every business needs a basic online presence but the wonderful thing about a website is it can grow along with your business. As your business scales, you can continue to invest in your website, making it more robust — saving you time and money by taking appointment bookings, accepting payments, allowing you to build a community, etc.

We'll help you figure out what makes sense at this stage in your business, with an eye to how to grow it in the future.

For a simple, easy to maintain website — we often recommend Squarespace and have a whole case study on Squarespace for service-businesses. We also have compiled a list of things you'll need when building your website.

Starting at $2200

3. Brochures, Ads and All That Collatoral


It seems like in every business, there's an unending need for designs. Whether it's brochures or t-shirts, signage or ads, we'll probably be able to help.

Based on project


Sound good?

If this sounds familiar and you need a brand overhaul or just some help with all those millions of design request, feel free to contact us. We love meeting new people!

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