Graphic Design

EOS: Packaging and Digital for a Skincare Brand


Extending EOS's colorful and playful brand to through packaging and digital design.


Packaging for special promotions.

Promotional Giveaway

Microsite and landing pages for a promotional giveaway.

Email Blasts

Branded email campaigns and promotions.

Costco Landing Pages

Improved landing pages for 3rd party retailer

Calvin Klein: Design Packaging Concept

The Challenge

Create label and package design for new launches as well as legacy fragrances. 

Eternity Summer boxes

CK One Sleeves

Eternity Moment sleeve, gift card and counter layout


Obsession Night holiday carton


Prototypes for seasonal holiday boxes


Just a small sampling of the moodboards, ads, and various collateral projects.

Bon Appétit: From Print Magazine to Ebooks

Bon Appétit: From Print Magazine to Ebooks


Repurposing previously used magazine content to create new and unique ebook products.

I’m not much of a cook but I make up for it by my love of gorgeous food photography — so when Bon Appétit (the beautiful food magazine from Condé Nast). approached me about creating a series of ebooks, I was thrilled. I started off my career working on beautiful cookbooks so it felt like going back home — this time with a digital twist.

AquaReveal: Design for a Skincare Start-Up

AquaReveal: Design for a Skincare Start-Up


AquaReveal needed an online presence that could introduce them as a serious beauty player to buyers and customers, on a start-up budget.

The beauty start-up AquaReveal was founded on the idea that gentle, effective exfoliation is an essential part of skincare. Inspired by Korean beauty techniques, it presents an alternative to harsh acids or scrubs. I have been enthusiastically following Korean beauty trends and have always had trouble with traditional exfoliators, so I was doubly delighted to design the beauty start-up’s website.