Here’s what other people say about working together. (Cue the blushing.)

Founder CIRCCELL | Case Study Coming Soon!

“She helped me by not just doing exactly what we wanted. Some of our requests would have hurt us from an SEO/best practices perspective. Her guidance was tremendous. I couldn't be happier. Our new site is light years ahead of our old site.

One thing I liked was the collaborative experience. Larissa was a member of the team and we all enjoyed working together and learning from each other. Great experience! I would recommend Larissa to people who need an effective, engaging, creative site.”


Entrepreneur  | Read Utmost Case Study | Read Furi Sport Case Study

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Larissa for over 8 years. The sign of a great designer is their ability to understand the scope of the project, understand what will be needed to execute on the vision with the tools at their disposals. Larissa does this effortless, or at least makes it look effortlessly regardless of the category.

I recommend Larissa and the Float Design team to any brands looking for beautiful designed visuals, and/or looking to take their brand to the next level.”

Laura Geller Beauty Senior Manager, E-commerce and Digital Marketing | Read Case Study

“We were in need of a design partner who had significant understanding of the beauty and digital landscape. We wanted to work with someone who shared our passion for beauty and consumer promotions, and ultimately create meaningful designs. Larissa and Float.Design met our requirements, and their portfolio and expertise was a perfect fit for us! They helped us by creating compelling UGC page designs, digital assets for display ads and mobile app presence, dedicated email designs, and much more in between with the highest level of professionalism AND punctuality. Our partnership spanned across digital, social and mobile and the results were high-quality designs that drove some of our most successful campaigns to-date! I really liked their ability to brainstorm with our brand—we appreciate the creativity and willingness to suggest other interpretations of how to fruitfully bring a specific concept to life. I found working together be very, very pleasant. Larissa is very wonderful on a personal level, and professionally, she is incredibly focused on achieving all brand deliverables within the budget you have to work with. I always felt that our work was in great hands. I would recommend them to brands who need a fresh take on their digital portfolio and/or a design partner who can handle high volume requests with fast-paced needs.”

GoSmile Director of Marketing  | Read Case Study

“The site is so beautiful and the launch was smooth. Thank you for all the hard work and giving us such a great new look. It was a pleasure to work with you and look forward to working with you more in the future.”

Ouidad Assistant Manager, Digital Content & Commerce

“Larissa was helpful by being an incredibly creative and flexible designer who immersed herself in our brand aesthetic and culture to deliver the right visual message to our customers.

The result was highly engaging design that matched our brand identity and helped convert customers. Easy to work with on a daily basis and really listened to our needs. Very fast and responsive to our super tight deadlines!

I would highly recommend to brands that need quality social media, email and web design.”

LA Holistic Dentistry  | Read Case Study

“They helped me by taking all of my ideas and creating a functional website. Made everything flow smoothly and stayed true to what I wanted represented on my website.

Our patients all love our website: especially how easy it is to navigate and educational it is. They also made it user friendly and easy to access what the patient is searching for.

One thing I liked is how she captured my personality and the essence of the office.

Before meeting with them, I found the experience of trying to build a website to be very stressful and off-putting. Larissa made the experience more pleasant and less worrisome. She had great input, she tied all of my ideas together and delivered in a way that would function the best. She made recommendations so that new and existing patients would find the website easy to use, clear and concise.

I would recommend to people who need help either building a brand new website or revamping their existing one.

She is very easy to work with and explains the process in a non-threatening manner for people who don't have much technical experience. Her friendly personality is definitely a bonus when dealing with something that stressful.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with them and love the outcome of the website!”

Mitchell Consulting | Read Case Study

I approached Larissa because her sophisticated style reflects the customer I would like to attract.

They helped me by distilling and presenting the assets my company possesses in a streamlined modern way.
The result was increased activity and new clients signed!

I found the experience to be very positive and would recommend them to anyone launching or re-launching a business.”

Owner Handsocks.com | Read Blog Post

A friend recommended I speak with Float.Design about my website’s low conversion rate. They helped me by making a video of my homepage and identifying the things I could fix quickly to help customers better navigate my website and buy our mittens. We are working on the changes now and excited about seeing results and making a better experience for those visiting Handsocks.com. I absolutely agree with the things that were recommended, and I am so glad they were pointed out. Making more robust product pages by combining material from other site pages, and cleaning up the clutter/ways to exit off my homepage will be key.

I would recommend Float.Design to people who need an understanding of how to better capture their target demographic online, whether that be creating something from scratch or changing around what you've got. We are so pleased with our experience!