A Brief History of Float Design Co

Hi, I’m Larissa Pickens, the founder and creative director of this studio. In 2014, I transitioned from a solo freelance operation to building a small but lovely design team. It’s been a wonderful change for me personally (I get weekends off again!) and I’ve had some questions so I wrote up this to give an overview on how Float Design came to be.

Personally I’ve been designing for beauty for over 10 years, since the fateful summer morning when I started designing advertising and packaging for Calvin Klein fragrances at Unilever (later Coty).   

In 2005, I received my MFA in Design and Technology from Parsons School of Design. Since then, I’ve focused on interactive design where I enjoy merging digital and ecommerce best practices with trends in the beauty and lifestyle industries.

In 2006, I made the leap and became self-employed while working with brands such as Estee Lauder and Conde Nast. Most recently, in 2015 I shifted again — this time from flying solo to building a small, select team of designers to help me execute the designs.

This has allowed me to say “yes” to a wider variety of projects, scale based on project size, and sped up our entire process. I love having the opportunity to work with a wider variety of clients, maintain a fast turnaround and build a great design team. 

Sound good? I want hear about your brand’s story, challenges, and your vision for where it can go. Then we can craft a strategy that fits with your business and budget.

At the heart is building relationships: brainstorming, asking important questions and creating meaningful designs. Our goal is to understand your needs from a business, functional, and aesthetic point of view. We promise to try to keep the nerd jargon to a minimum.

I want hear about your brand’s story, challenges, and your vision for where it can go. Then we can craft a strategy that fits with your business. 

Most importantly, I love to work with people who are as passionate about what they do as I am about design. If this sounds like you, let’s chat!