Life, Joy and Renewal: Greenery, Color of the Year 2017

Like most designers, I have a love-hate relationship with Pantone’s color of the year. Sometimes it seems to capture the spirit of the moment so perfectly, it acts as a visual metaphor for the whole year. Other times it feels out of step or even a bit dated.

However, this year Greenery feels like a perfect choice.

It is a color of nature and nurturing — or “nature’s neutral” as Pantone refers to it. It feels like a deep breath, a reserve of lush optimism and hopeful renewal. It’s about healthy living — both eating green and environment.

Some reviewers feel like this vibrant green is already overdone with the omnipresent houseplants, monstera leaves and models peering out from behind plants that dominate on Instagram.

However it feels fluent as part of a national discourse. It avoids the politics of blue, red or even purple that’s so dominated the color conversation coming into 2017 but instead feels like a call for healing, growth and renewal.