Website Design

A well-designed website communicates quality, trust, a point of view, and increases conversion rates. While the majority of sales still occur in-store, ecommerce is growing in importance and provides a valuable resource for online customer research.

• 47% of shoppers increased their beauty purchases online in 2014 and the trend is expected to continue.*

• 70% of beauty shoppers, research their purchase decisions online**

A few years ago, a redesign meant taking months off to focus on a costly and time consuming overhaul of your website. However recently the trend has been away from these drastic interventions and towards a more holistic and continual approach that favors continual improvements.

When It’s time for a website design:

• Has your brand outgrown your current website's structure?

• Are you looking to add a mobile or responsive version?

• Do you want to increase conversions and improve the look of your site?

• Are you starting a new brand and need a first website?


wE can also DESIGN:

• Website Graphics
• Roadmap Website Improvements
• Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

• Microsites
• Landing Pages
• Interactive Features
• Mobile Sites

Beauty is a business driven by high-quality design and visuals. Start-up brands need to quickly and effectively communicate authority and their unique value proposition. Established brands need to continually engage customers and provide positive online shopping experiences. 



• Your brand has grown rapidly and your website structure needs to be updated

• Your website is dated — especially if it is not optimized for mobile

• You have a website that needs to be optimized both visually and for conversions

• You need your first website that positions you as an authority in prestige beauty


Having worked in-house, I know how frustrating it can be to try to find great designers who understand the beauty vertical, are deadline-driven and are passionate about the brands they represent. 

Design retainers are my favorite type of work as I love partnering with brands to see them grow and evolve over time. Most brands I've worked with in this capacity for 5+ years, so I’d venture to say my clients tend to be satisfied too. I’ve done on-going improvements for brands such as Estee Lauder, Ouidad, Laura Geller, AHAVA and others.


1: Discovery Conversation
Discussion about your goals of the project, what your brand's needs are and how we could best address them.

2. Strategy & Planning
A deep-dive into your brand, competition, and creating a plan for the website redesign.

3. Information Architecture & Wireframes
In this phase, we work on how to best organize your site and layout your pages.

4. Designs
Using the IA and wireframes, we design the visual look and feel of your site.

5. Development
Using the design prototypes and building them into a functional website.

6. QA & Testing
Pre-launch we triple-check to ensure everything is functioning properly.

7. Launch
The site goes live!

8. Optimize

On-going A/B testing can continually increase your CRO and website KPIs




The advantages to you include first priority for your projects, consistently high-quality design, and scalability. Also I find building a long-term relationship and deep brand knowledge has immeasurable advantages. I was advising a client recently when we realized I had been working on the brand longer than the in-house marketing staff so I was able to give them a brief overview of the history of the visual brand and how it had evolved.

Retainers include calls on a weekly or as-needed basis as well as access to my project management system.




Large, complex projects. 
I would love to help you with branding, website redesigns, or packaging designs — BUT I’d recommend we tackle them as individual projects rather than on-going retainers since then tend to be more involved and shorter in duration. 



Starting at $2,000 per month, depending on your needs and volume of work.

Interested? Contact me to see if it would be a good fit. 


* Read more about L’Oreal’s ecommerce research findings
** Read Beauty and the E-Commerce Beast: 2014 Edition