Monthly Retainers


When you have on-going design needs, a design retainer for can be a perfect fit. 


• Is your in-house design team constantly swamped?

• Do you need regular design help but aren’t quite ready to hire full-time?

• Do you need a small team who can scale to your workload and have a deep understanding of your brand? 


Beauty and lifestyle are business verticals driven by gorgeous visuals and design. Websites continual refreshing to not grow stale, social media needs visuals, new products need landing pages, and packaging needs updating. 

Retainers offer a cost-effective and scalable way to take the headache out of regular design updates.

Design Retainers are Perfect for:

• Landing Pages
• Website Refreshes
• Microsites

• Social Media
• Email Blasts
• Banner Ads

• Promotional Collateral
• Packaging Updates
• In-store displays


Large, complex projects.
While we would love to help you with branding, website redesigns, or packaging designs — we’d recommend tackling them as individual projects rather than on-going retainers since then tend to be more involved and shorter in duration. 

It can be frustrating to try to find designers who understand the beauty vertical, are deadline-driven and are passionate about the brands they represent. From working in-house, I remember we’d just get a great designer on-board and up to speed, hit a quiet spell and have to deliberate between depleting your budget to keep them or letting them go and risk getting a bad designer the next time. Or hit a busy patch and suddenly need more hands on deck, right when you have no time to train or places to put anyone.

This is a cost-effective way to take care of routine design projects in a scalable way that makes life simpler for everyone.

Plus design retainers are our favorite type of work — we love partnering with brands to see them grow and evolve over time. Brands we’ve worked with in this capacity include Estee Lauder, Ouidad, Laura Geller, AHAVA and others. As a retainer client, you get first priority — especially critical during the peak holiday season.

How it works:

1. Discovery Conversation

We get to know each other and chat about your design needs, style, type of work, and the volume of work you need help with. 


2. “Getting To Know You” Trial Project

If it is a good fit, we work on a sample project such as an email blast or product landing page where we can work together, get used to each other's working styles and streamline our communication.


3. Let’s Go!

From there, we can start regularly handling your design requests. You upload your creative briefs, we post designs. We revise together. Once a week (or as needed) we have a regularly scheduled call to make sure everything is going swimmingly.


Starting at $2,000 per month, depending on your needs and volume of work.

Interested? Contact me to see if it would be a good fit.