Design Review

We frequently get requests from start-ups and small businesses to pick our brains for feedback or advice on design problems. We love to give back and have certainly picked our share of brains, but sometimes it felt like valuable information was falling between the cracks with these calls. We ended up having a lovely chat but they might leave without much actionable feedback. 

That is how our Design Review service with video was born. We create a quick video (up to 10 minutes) in which we use our expert eyes and years of experience to give advice and actionable steps to address your design questions. This works best for very specific questions — 10 minutes isn't much time to dive into an entire website or branding campaign.

With a video review, you end up with a document of changes to be implemented, and other businesses can also watch and benefit. Gradually we will build a library of frequently asked questions as a resource for the community.

To get started, we will select two start-ups or small businesses per month to provide feedback to and to post on our website. If you'd be interested in getting featured, please apply below. If it is a good fit and we feel our experience can make a meaningful contribution to your business, we'll be in touch.

If you'd be in interested in a paid private review please indicate that in the message. 

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